Collaborative divorce, divorce process, no court divorce

Are you thinking about
a divorce or separation?

Would you like to choose. . .

  • A peaceful, uncontested divorce, a no-court divorce, a respectful divorce?
  • A more cost-effective and less stressful process than fighting in court?
  • To co-parent in a cooperative way?
  • Assistance from trained professional experts in the legal, financial, emotional and parenting aspects of your divorce?
  • A more positive experience for your children?
  • To modify your support or child custody arrangements?
  • A Marital Settlement Agreement that meets the needs of the whole family?

If you are interested in accomplishing any of the above, as you resolve your family law issues, here are the various options available to you for managing your divorce needs.

  1. Collaborative Process
  2. Mediation
  3. Litigation



A Different Way to Divorce